Stump Grinding and Removal.

Stump Grinding.

Once we have removed a tree, the stump that remains is often ground out using a stump grinder. This is a hydraulically driven machine of various different sizes that has a spinning wheel on the front with teeth that grind the stump into little pieces of mulch. As it does so it mixes with the surrounding soil so you are left with a mixture of soil and very fine mulch. This is often left to settle over next couple weeks to fill the hole where the stump was and any excess spread around the garden or can be removed if required.

Stump Removal.

Happy Tree Landscaping LLC are specialists in stump removal. Residents in Mesa Area Phoenix trust Happy Tree Landscaping LLC Tree Service to do all their Stump Removal jobs. Happy Tree Landscaping LLC offers complete tree care—from seasonal maintenance and pruning, to full removal and stump grinding.

Tree stumps are the unseen portions of trees, which is the root system. The stump is where the trunk meets the root system. Tree stumps can either be dug out or ground out. If you do dig out tree stumps, it is going to be very labor intensive, as well as being very expensive, especially if you have medium to large size trees where the stumps need to be removed.